#31 Betrayal


Of promises you told
Seems so fine, a future full of hope
But I never have been dreaming
When I know you always hurting

God tell me what mess is this
Tell me why I’m broken so deep
Tell me why I’m under his shadow still
When I know I can’t ever believe him

Of hopes and lights that shine so bright
So he say
Good will and good things promised
But I never have been dreaming
Knowing full that glass can shatters
That shards hurts menacingly

Yes you do stab me
Do you really don’t see?
Dark blood pouring, yes it bleed!
But you won’t admit

I think you lost a heart
or else how can this be

This heart is at war
But a war within itself
A war that broke the heart itself
So let me tend my broken heart
Let me mend it before it lost all trust
It has to be stronger
It have to
Stronger than ever
Cause this heart would need to learn
Betrayal is your second name


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