#19 Losing You

Losing you

Laid down, stay still,
It feel so cold
I won’t shed a tear
I am too strong

It’s time
Time’s up
I’m not strong
I’m just empty

Body laid down
Staying still
You’re so beautiful

They say come
Kiss her for one last time
What for?
Why do?
What does a last time always has to mean so much
This one last kiss can’t mean anything for everything we have

What I have now is nothing
It feels like nothing
Like every little thing we used to have is nothing
Like every thing we thought we would still have is nothing

Seeing the ground dug
Until the customary fragrance soak onto it
It engrave onto me
It’s the end
It’s the end
Curse this ending
Ending is brash
It feel so surreal how the end would end everything
Everything feels like a mirage

I’m so hopeless
So I will pray
I pray
For how insignificant this world is
That only in the forever after I can truly be together with you
So I will pray
I pray
May Allah forgive my sins and let me be beside you forever after


note: Malay Muslims have this tradition to water the grave with fragrance water.


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