#17 Of Hurts and Promises

(The Daily Post prompt – symbiosis)


Of Hurts and Promises


Another wear day

Night fell and you’re all worn out

The world taken its toll on you

Each pain endured

A little of you dies out

Crashing the bed with you whole soul burdened onto it

This weary dreary body

Is all used up

Done for

Let me show you the stars tonight

It’s like an open throbbing wound

Looking ahead yet sees nothing

Knowing this journey isn’t a symbiosis link

You’re torn apart yet the path still shooting you right to the chest into your heart out through your spine

I’m here

Under these blankets so warm

The dark soothes

Each passing day

When you skids and bleeds

Wounded and scarred

Crying in deep nights

Screaming silently under ignoring eyes

I’ll still be here you

Protecting your existence even when you don’t want it anymore
I’ll be anything you need

I’ll be everything you need


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