#10 Controversy

(This post was made for the Daily Post prompt on 18/03/2017 – controversy)






This is pain
In case you don’t know, maybe now you can,
People scared of things they don’t understand
Or else I couldn’t ever comprehend
How you laughed over this pain of mine

Maybe, maybe,
Pain made you uneasy
Made you into this mess of misery
That you hide behind faux cheeky unneeded commentary
Making it up into a controversy
Since you always love one side of a story
Forgone the other side entirely
Maybe it is less spicy
Maybe it neutralise the hot news you serve over a cup of tea
When you choose so that the other side as something you’ll never see

But this is pain
A true cold stinging pain
Each time you said those word so vain
Oh baby
They say word’s sharp
They do because now it slices me – inches into my skin

I know you can’t see
So now I tell you this is pain I have upon me
Slicing deeper with each word you speak
Each little joys you enjoy over a so-called controversy
Maybe it will forever be your own version of controversy
Because the other side of the story
Is too pure that your small heart can never be taught to feel


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