My “Parlay” Experience

(This post was made by using the Daily Post prompt for 4/03/2017- parlay)

This blog was intended to share my poems as I want to challenge myself to do more poems. One of the reasons I choose WordPress is due to the Daily Post blog’s having good community support which allowed me to easily hop from one blog to another.

I’m Malaysian and this prompt is on 4th of March. Since I am in Malaysia now, with different timezone yada yada, it is freaking 8.30 am on 5th of March. It’s just a little bit trippy.

Not only that, today’s prompt were using the word that I never had to use it before. I don’t know, maybe because I’m not a native speaker or it is just some fancy words to test us. Instead of writing a poem which I supposed to do, I write this instead.

The only experience I have with the word parlay is in this scene.




It turns out, it was actually parley not parlay. Pfft.


One thought on “My “Parlay” Experience

  1. Haha. I was actually thinking the same thing and I have to look it up. It is easy to navigate with wordpress and they have a great global community too. Just in case you were wondering, the daily prompt will be posted around 9pm everyday in Malaysian time. 😀


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