#33 Barely

Barely, barely, barely.

Barely grown into anything great.

Barely knew to choose to ignore.

Barely lived to choose to settle.


Surely, surely, surely,

Surely are the world are chances

Surely I meant for the stars beyond borders

Surely I can at least try


Merrily, merrily, merrily,

Merrily are all victorious wins,

Merrily sound of pained if is,

Merrily triumph for all the trying


Truly, truly, truly,

Truly I will always want

Truly some may feel bothersome

Truly not am I always know


Give me, give me, give me,

Give me aims to shoot bull’s eye,

Give me peace to dream out wild,

Give me something to settle tonight.

#32 Extra shots


Spike the lonely ones with fictions and tales

Spike the empty ones with laugh too loud too easy

Spike the ignored ones with comforting silence of their own company

And spike my morning coffee with extra shots

Make it black and a bit sweet

Spike these hearts and made them feel

#31 Betrayal


Of promises you told
Seems so fine, a future full of hope
But I never have been dreaming
When I know you always hurting

God tell me what mess is this
Tell me why I’m broken so deep
Tell me why I’m under his shadow still
When I know I can’t ever believe him

Of hopes and lights that shine so bright
So he say
Good will and good things promised
But I never have been dreaming
Knowing full that glass can shatters
That shards hurts menacingly

Yes you do stab me
Do you really don’t see?
Dark blood pouring, yes it bleed!
But you won’t admit

I think you lost a heart
or else how can this be

This heart is at war
But a war within itself
A war that broke the heart itself
So let me tend my broken heart
Let me mend it before it lost all trust
It has to be stronger
It have to
Stronger than ever
Cause this heart would need to learn
Betrayal is your second name

#30 Sorry, but I hate you.

Sorry, but I hate you

I’m sorry but I hate you
This is betrayal
In the flesh
With blood so fresh
With deep sharp knife
Plunge right into my heart

I’m sorry but I can’t let this pass
I do of course try so hard
Trying ever still now
But I’m still torn apart
But there isn’t any fresh start
My tears seem to drown them

I’m sorry but I can’t stop
I can’t even try to justify
Trying to accept as people flaws
In honors of every smiles we shares
In honors of the pains you cared
That had me trust you

I’m sorry but I hate you
And this hatred is pure evil
Torturing me deliciously
Killing me slowly
But I’m sorry, I still hate you
I guess not hating you will just have me dead

#29 The Jester and The King

The Jester and The King

It’s the jester sire
The one with the crooked smile
Bouncing bells fooling jovial
Can’t you see it with your own eyes?
He took you in and feign freedom
But yet your hands are tied

O’ sire, why?
Your land so prosperous
The men are strong
Whole nation at arms
Yet you asked the jester to juggle
Giving him your time, your attention, your affection,
Sire, what kind of foolish is this?

This land is prosperous
But how can it last without you tending it?
The men are strong
Yet no orders has been pulling them straight
What nation can stay at arms
When the king only bother the jester at his feat

O’ sire
Wake up now
Wake up, please
Fight this nonsensical stupidity I plead
The jester a distraction as he has always been
Beat him now and beat it down
Break this fairytale you stuck so long
How can a legacy being fooled so easy?

You are the king so gallant and skilled
Meant to rule born to win
The jester had done his fair share of service
Now will you get up strong on your feet
Take this throne and claimed is as fit
Rule this kingdom till your last heartbeat
Bring it’s glory as only you will ever make it
O’ sire it is now or never

#28 She Was Untouched

She Was Untouched

Of things running wild
Of things paraded in structure
You saw she was hurt
But she showered in smiles
So bright it bore everything that shines
Look into her eyes
To only see your naked self
Hear from her spilt words
To only learn the raw truth
Lean into her caress
To only feel the softness of heart
She was sufficient
But made you want all things the world can offer
She was not enough
But made you feel content to the very core of need

#27 Come In

This is a tale
Of beautiful souls
Buried deep inside a maze
Of high fences and quirky alleys
Will you ever find the end?
What does the end can ever offer you?

But then,
How would you ever come to know?
If you stop this adventure now.

#26 Sacrifice



If you know how much I’m hurted
You’ll tiptoed around each spoken words
But I love you so that I can’t bear you more
So I smile a cheery smile and fake a hearty laugh

Sometime it hurt more when you can’t see me beyond
Is it me at fault playing Joker by default?
Can I blame you not noticing when I’m not sharing?
Yet I smile a cheery smile and fake a hearty laugh
Because I love so much more so how can I bear you some more?

#25 Flaws


I’m flawed
It is like those rejected goods
No don’t pick that
Plenty of others you could choose
Silently judging myself
When you look into me what really you see
What exactly you seek?
Warm smiles isn’t so warm anymore
When my heart keep on thumping
Thumped hard – sing song my flaws
As if it is not enough
When every time I look into the mirror
All bad decisions replayed
All regrets and sorrows filled

Sometime a little someone someone come
With magical words as if words will ever heals
As if they lived enough tales to understand how my heart feels
I am the one who outlived this everyday
Each day each time without fail

#24 Overwhelmed

I’m a toddler
My shoes mismatched
My shirt stained a little while before
My hair a mess
It seems that I bruised my knees yet again
And can someone turn the light on?
I can’t sleep like this.

I’m a toddler
Still am a toddler
In this ancient world.

I’m a toddler
Like all, I want to be older
To be adulting around
To always know better
It seems that is what every toddler want to be
Have to be
For a toddler should be
To be adulting around and losing this toddler me